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This question was posed to me and I did some Google reason and came up empty, so I'm hoping someone here can help. When opening an email that has an attachment, say a jpeg picture, 2 copies are apparently always placed in the Temporary Internet files location in Content.Outlook. One is the base file and the second is a copy with (2) before the extension name. This seems to happen on both 2010 and 2013 Outlook, and with different antivirus products on different machines. As best I can tell this always happens. Those attachments stay in the temporary folder too unless the actual email is deleted so over time Content.Outlook grows. Not that any of this is a major problem, but why are 2 copies always created when opening an attachment?
I'll have to check on it, but normally Outlook will wrte a new copy each time you open the attachment or message. So... I'm guessing one is added when you select the message and display it in the reading pane and one when you open the message in a new window or open the attachment.

If you close the attachment then the message, the file should be deleted. The folder is supposed to be deleted when you close Outlook but it's my experience that it doesn't always do that.
"If you close the attachment then the message, the file should be deleted. The folder is supposed to be deleted when you close Outlook but it's my experience that it doesn't always do that."

I'll be interested to see what your testing shows. Mine shows that not only is the folder not deleted, but the files are not deleted either when closing the message. The only time I've seen the files deleted is if you delete the Outlook message. If you leave the message in the inbox the files, in my case jpeg pictures, seem to stay there.
Yeah, the folder not being deleted is a problem. If attachments exist in the folder, outlook won't delete it.

If you open the attachment and close it before selecting a new message, the attachment will be deleted (that's how it works here). If you leave the attachment open and change messages, its not deleted. So basically, it should work correctly if you use reading pane preview but may not if you open the attachments in their application.

I'll check on the double saves - it seems to be related to reading pane preview.
Here's what my testing shows. It's somewhat different with reading pane on or off. If I don't use reading pane then when I open the attachment 2 copies are generated in the temp folder for some reason. If I exit the message then both copies are deleted immediately. Now, if I use reading pane, when I open the attachment 2 copies are generated in the temp folder just like without reading pane. However, exiting the massage one copy is immediately deleted and the other remains for maybe 20 seconds, then is deleted. I know I've seen copies stay there instead of being deleted so I'll have to test some more to see when that happens.
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