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Maybe someone can help me solve a mystery. Including work and home I have 4 computers that I work on (three Win7 and one Win8). I have Outlook 2007 on each and I synchronize Outlook (pop3 account) by carrying the most recently modified outlook.pst on a thumb drive and replacing the outdated outlook.pst on each computer. This works fine for 2 of the 4 computers. After I do a send/receive on one, if I copy the outlook.pst from that computer to the other computer, and then run a send/receive from the new computer, it will remember what emails have already been downloaded on the other computer, and will NOT download them again. (I have to keep Outlook configured to “keep a copy on the server” for about 14 days for access from different places, and that is why the new emails are still on the server and not deleted after the first send/receive.)

HOWEVER on the other 2 computers, replacing the pst with the updated one results in all the emails being downloaded since the last send/receive done on that computer, and ignore whatever new download information is on the pst. It will duplicate fresh emails already in the inbox. How can this be fixed?

I read in an article that the downloaded emails list stored in the pst file is new to Office 2010, but with 2 of my computers the “already downloaded email” list is definitely being transferred via a thumb drive from an Outlook 2007 pst file. I therefore think that I still might have the same problem even if I were to upgrade all computers to Office 2010. Does anyone have any insight?
Upgrading won't guarantee a fix. I have the same problem on one of my computers. I was told the computer name, profile name, and account name help determine if the file that holds the message count will work on other computers. If the profiles are 100% identical there is a better chance that it works.

Microsoft often backports fixes to older versions, so maybe it was added in Outlook 2007 SP2 or some other update?
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