Isn't there an easy way to remove duplicate contacts in outlook?

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Outlook 2007
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I tried to follow the instructions .... but with no excell or access experience I don't know the language and really could use basic .... for dummy's type help on this... thanks ... Doc

clark kent

Outlook version
Outlook 2007
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Hi friend,

You can remove the duplicate contacts which are presently on your contact list or folders through delete option of duplicate contacts. Follow these instructions:

1.) Contacts (select the folder) >> Current View (Navigation Pane) >> Phone lists >> View menu>> Current View >> Customize Current View >> Fields

2.) After clicking on “Fields”, select “Modified ” option from the present list and press on the “Add” button.

3.) It will switch to the “Modified” option from the left panel to the right panel and after that drag “Modified ” option at the top of right side panel.

4.) Click “OK” twice and from the list of contacts, select your all the duplicate contacts with the continues press of CTRL.

5.) After all the selection of duplicate contacts, press on “Delete” button.

This will help you to get rid out off from the issue of doublet contacts in your Outlook.


Clark Kent
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