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I have a Wunderlist Add-in for Microsoft Outlook that I cannot figure out how to remove. About a year ago, on May 6th, 2020, Wunderlist transitioned to Microsoft To Do. Since then, the Wunderlist Add-in for Microsoft Outlook has been removed from the Office Store. However, my account still retains the Wunderlist Add-in and there doesn't seem to be a way to remove it. No big deal, except the Wunderlist menu keeps showing up in various places. (See screenshot below)

Even if I 'Customize the Ribbon...' to remove the Wunderlist menu, it will eventually reappear on its own. Any ideas on how to uninstall this extinct Add-in since it's no longer listed in 'My Add-ins' for Outlook? Thanks for any insights.

2021-04-16 Wunderlist.PNG

2021-04-16 Evernote.PNG


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I'm sorry to see no suggested resolutions have yet been received here. I can say I, too, suffer from the same issue. Further, I am uncertain if the presence of the Wunderlist options, in the right-click context menus in Outlook online are preventing me from sending emails there to tasks.

Microsoft Support has told me I have to phone the Office support number 800-892-5234 to pursue a resolution of this. At some point, I may have to set aside the time to do that. I'm surprised someone else hasn't found (and posted details online regarding) a resolution to this issue.

Diane Poremsky

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The orphaned addins cannot be removed by the end user - I have Microsoft's Outlook Contact Manager (among others) that I canno get rid of. I've spoken to Microsoft about it - specifically about not removing the addins when they are removed from the store. At this time there is no solution - they told me that support can't always remove the code either, although I suspect that is not true because after my complaints, contact manager was removed from one account.
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