Edit incoming emails to remove a certain sentence added by the "system"


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All the emails we receive are stamped with "You don't often get email from <email address of sender>. Learn why this is important".


I understand this is an admin setting, and IT confirmed they will not be turning it off. So, I have to improvise. Here is what I'm thinking:

I know you can EDIT an email and add, delete, or change words. But can I automate this? make it into a rule? or is there an add-on that already does this? my search yielded no results. But I found this forum :)

I want to do this for three reasons:
1. I think it is stupid. I'm not 6 years old.
2. I'm a consultant and almost ALL of my incoming mail is from outside. But even the internal emails are labeled.
3. When I view emails on my phone, I used to preview the inbox and read the first line of each email. Now all I see is a list of emails that read "You don't often ..."

Can you help?

I looked through all the rule actions that my Outlook client is showing me, I didn't find any option for editing the text of the incoming e-mail.

You probably already found this article, which suggests increasing the size of the reading pane, which you probably can't do on mobile :( ( Penn State Service Management. )

It's supposed to be only on the first e-mail from any person, so you might have to put up with it.
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