Calendar View in Outlook Office 365 - Doesn't show enough hours, and the 30/60 min choice isn't the solution

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I've looked at all options and don't see a fix for this. My Issue: I want calendar in Office 365 Outlook to be in 30 min increments, but be able to view about 10 hours without scrolling. I can do this in Outlook 2010, but not 365. I am attaching a screen shot of each. The problem is that everything is "bigger" in 365 so it can only fit 6 hours instead of 11 like I can see on 2010. Adjusting the zoom bar in the lower right of 365 doesn't help; all that does is make a sudden jump from 30 to 60 minute increments, but it wont actually shrink the size of the time boxes to see 11 hours like 2010 will do. Any suggestions?


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How many hours you see is based on the height of the Outlook window. Bigger monitor or higher resolution is not practical but you can hide the ribbon to gain more space. That is really the only way to do it, short of a bigger monitor. :(
Thank you so much, Diane - Yes, you saw the issue. Is this a 365 problem, or would this be the same with Office 2016 and Office 2019? It's frustrating that 2010 displays so much better, but MS ends extended support in a year so I'm planning my "upgrades".

Ignoring pricing considerations, do you think it's better to have 365 or 2019?
Its the same in all - the newest outlook 365 with the coming soon button and simplified ribbon will give you a little more space and still leave the simplified ribbon visible.

This is mine with the simplified ribbon and 30 minute time scale.

Thank you; helpful. Another thing I did is reduce the font size for appointments (calendar items), which seems to not only reduce the size of the type but also shrink the size of the boxes, allowing more hours to show up.
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