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My friend's Outlook calendar got badly messed up and we need to view to calendar on the backup pst that was made a week ago.

I've opened the backup pst file, but I am not sure how to get Outlook to display the calendar that is in the backup. Do I need to make the backup pst the default data file, so that I can view its calendar? And if that is what I need to do, how do I copy events from it to actual current calendar?

Or is there a way to look inside the backed up calendar and just copy the items we need, from the backup to the current calendar?

You should just need to open the pst in Outlook then go to the calendar folder and select it. If she wants it to be her default calendar, then you will need to set the pst as default (or copy/import the calendar events to her default pst). When you use Import, you can select just the calendar folder - close the backup pst to remove it from the profile and then use Import.
It just occurred to me that we may be trying to do something that can't be done.

If her calendar view included someone else's calendar that has been shared to her, was that data ever stored in her pst file?
(Her friend had created a calendar on the friend's Apple computer, shared it from iCloud, and the two of them were using it until the friend accidentally deleted the calendar, along with a lot of important appointments. )
If her calendar view included someone else's calendar that has been shared to her, was that data ever stored in her pst file?
No, generally not. Depending on how it was shared and what she backed up, she might have some of the older calendar data cached.
[DOUBLEPOST=1428366019][/DOUBLEPOST]BTW, if she has any of the calendar data, it would be in the iCloud calendar - but because the calendar syncs, it would be cleared when the friend deleted it.
Thanks for the info.

When I open the backed up pst file, the calendar does not show what we are looking for.
So I suspect it is gone as you say. But I am wondering about something you said in your post.
When you say some of the older calendar data may be cached, where would it be cached? Is that in the pst file and how is it accessed?

If she subscribed to the calendar as an ics file and it synced with a pst file, the data might be in that pst file. You need to start outlook offline though, or the calendar might sync and erase everything.
OK thanks. The calendar is not there anymore, just trying to understand how all this works.

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