How to NOT display the start time in monthly calendar view - 2007

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I've done it but can't recreate it.

In this image the orange item is an annual event. The blue & silver items are appointments with start and end times. The yellow item is an appointment with a title of 8:00 Pt. ....

I like to carry a paper copy of my calendar and don't need specific times printed for some items although I do need the pop-up reminder on my screen.

I've looked at view -> current view -> customize current view -> fields but do not have an option to choose none. I think this was there earlier, 6 months ago, but is not there now. Maybe a Microsoft update changed this. Maybe I'm just missing the obvious.

Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: The image did not upload as expected. Basically it showed appointments printed on the calendar without a start time associated with it just like an event displays on the calendar.
Start times display if there is room on the calendar - so narrower calendar = no start times while wider screen = start times. Printouts generally include what is on the screen, however, there were several updates this fall that messed up calendar printing so its possible one of those updates affected this too.
Thanks catherized.

I tried what you have suggested. This does work on the screen but doesn't work when sending to the printer. :(

Tried enlarging the font but that didn't help either. The text just wraps and looks even messier.

I can't repro it with the Sept update removed ( but i can repro no times by adjusting the margins and using portrait - the times are printed if there is space, but just changing to portrait wasn't enough, i also had to increase the margins (default in .5) in page layout.

portrait with .7 margins on the paper:


landscape with .7 margins:

Oh, and BTW, i had the option selected to print only work days. That (naturally) results in wider cells. If i print all 7 days in the month view, no times. My wild guess that you changed this, not the margins or to landscape.
Almost success. On the right track though.

Thanks for looking into this Diane.

I had only one of the updates installed that were listed in your link. Uninstalling that did not help even with a reboot.

I brought up a new virtual machine from a template and installed Outlook from DVD. No updates were applied. Added half a dozen appointments, events and the standard set of holidays. This displayed as catherized suggested with different screen widths displaying various amounts of data. When doing the print preview and an actual print it presented as I wanted, without the times being displayed.

I generally print these calendars with a blank notes area. I didn't check to see what the printout would look like without a notes area.

So, to sum it up, it looks as if one of Microsoft updates sometime between now and last June has 'broken' the application for me. I will look into it further to determine just which one caused me the grief.

Thank you both for your help. :)


Missed it but did have KB980376 installed. Once this was removed it prints as I wanted.

Thanks again for your help.

How to remove end time for appointments in monthly calendar?

Please, can anyone tell me how to remove end time for appointments in 2010 Outlook calendar? Please provide specific steps to accomplish this task. Thanks.
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