How to make outlook display alert appear on top of other windows whenever a new email is received?

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My team and I have to monitor a common shared mailbox and there is always a tendency which emails are left unnoticed.

Hence, I would like to write a code that allows a display alert to appear whenever a new email with specific keywords is received.

In addition, I notice that outlook display alerts always hide behind other windows and applications, hence, is there a code for the display alert to appear on top of every other applications?

Looking forward to seeing some help.

Thanks much!

Michael Bauer

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That'd be some work to do. When the popup is displayed, you need to get some information from it with a tool like Spy++. It shows you the name of the window and where in the structure of all Outlook windows you'll find it. Once you know that you can use this sample to find the window by code:
Find a Window by the Win32 Api - VBOffice

It will return the window handle if found. And with that handle you can call the Win32 API function "SetWindowPos" to display the window on top of all other windows.
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