Sudden change in Outlook, no image display, email no longer offers suggestions for address

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Within the last two weeks my Outlook 2007 has stopped displaying images in emails from Gmail (imap) & Juno (pop3). I also lost the ability when composing email to have the To: or Cc: line provide an email address. It is necessary to access my Outlook address book, look-up the name & insert into the To: or Cc: line now.

Windows 7 Home Premium, Norton 360, is3 Stopzilla and CBS Advanced Uninstaller w/ Daily Health Check are in use. Also, security service from my bank Rapport protects passwords while on-line. No issues reported or experienced previously with programs installed.

This seems to have occurred after a recent Microsoft update. I am worn-out trying every fix I can find on the internet, with no joy in fixing the issue. I really need images on several emails that I regularly receive as there is no internet link for some of the emails.

I (personally) do not remember changing anything myself. Frustration is growing. Any real help out there, sure would be welcome.
Does it work in Safe mode? To open Outlook in Safe mode: Close Outlook then hold Ctrl as you click on the Outlook icon. You'll get a message asking if you want to start in Safe mode. Click Ok.

By 'stopped displaying images' are they images stored on a web server or attachments?

By holding down "ctrl" & opening in Safe Mode, I am now able to view the images & right click 'download images' is also now working. My next question is - WHY? I have rebooted numerous times & opened my operating system in Safe Mode (only) to find Outlook would not display the images. That said, why has the suddenly occurred (within the last 12-days)?

and TTHANK YOU FOR YOUR RESPONSE!!!!!! I have a lot yet to learn that is for sure.
In response to your second question re: web or server attachments? I honestly do not know.
When it works in outlook's safe mode, it usually means an addin or support file is the cause. What addins are installed - look in Tools, Trust Center, Addins.
Dear Diane:

I have attached a *.pdf file showing the files that are active in my 2007 Outlook COM Add-ins at present. Of course I did not 'add' them so programs installed have done such. Whatever the cause/change it occurred after an 'update' (not sure who's update) about 12-days ago. With your help I am learning more and more - thanks again.


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My guess is that either Norton or Outlook change Notifier (an ITunes addin) is at fault. click the Go botton at the bottom of the screen and remove the check mark from those two addins and see if it helps.

If you aren't using Exchange mailbox, groove or sharepoint, you could uncheck the exchange, groove, and sharepoint addins. And the mobile service if you aren't sending text message through outlook.

My guess is I have somehow upset the guru's that manage Outlook and Microsoft. I do not use iTunes, not do I have an iPod, iPhone, etc. I can find no area in Norton 360 that indicates a change or even appears to remotely control anything to do with email. I do not use text messaging, mail exchange, groove, sharepoint and the mobile service. I will use One-Note to save a series of emails from one source.

Now this past Thursday evening Microsoft provided an update for Office, Windows, etc. and my Wi-Fi driver update. It appears the Wi-Fi driver update is/was corrupted and now I am fighting that issue. Verizon helped me restore my Wi-Fi connection, but now my Wi-Fi printer kicks in and out, never know when it will print or not.

I do appreciate your help but nothing changes the problem. Only in Safe Mode with right click images will be viewed.

I have deleted Norton Email Spam add-in, with no change.
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