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I use Outlook 2010 to manage several e-mail addresses (POP3) and I am constantly getting a pop-up window asking that I sign in to the server.

It shows the server, my username and password and a tickbox (Unticked) "Save this password in your password list" (see attachment)

It is very annoying and can sometimes pop up every few seconds.

My question is:-

1) What causes this pop-up
2) How can I stop it
3) Where is this "password list" that the warning refers to



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1. Caused by server problems, corrupt password file, or due to accessing the mailbox using more than one computer or device, where at least one of the computers or devices is using POP3. If using AT&T/Yahoo, you need to sign into the AT&T account monthly. See for more information.

2. Use IMAP or only 1 computer to access email.

3. Assuming Windows 7 and up, it's the credential manager in Control panel. You can find the credentials for this account in the list there and delete it then try saving it again.
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