ActiveExplorer return NULL on new Window user login and running Outlook first time

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Basha Shaik

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I'm exactly facing the same issue where ActiveExplorer() is returning NULL.
(ActiveExplorer return NULL on new Window user login and running Outlook first time)

Details as below
i. using Outlook 2010.
ii. using a COM add-in extending IDTExtensibility2
iii. In the OnConnection() method, I'm calling ActiveExplorer().

1. When Outlook is launched by double-clicking the icon, everything works fine. i.e ActiveExplorer() return a valid value. It doesn't return NULL. All is well here.

But in some of the cases (when winword is opened, as as explained in this thread), Outlook gets launched with a command line argument '-Embedding' in which case, it would be running in the background without any 'User Interface'.
In this case, ActiveExplorer() returns NULL when OnConnection() is called.

Now, when Outlook is launched by double-clicking, new outlook process gets launched and exits where as the old outlook instance that has been running in background is brought to foreground, displaying the User Interface.

I tried to make a call to ActiveExplorer() on the saved object, CComQIPtr <Outlook::_Application> in GetCustomUI method of the interface IRibbonExtensibility

ActiveExplorer() returns NULL value, still.

For case(2), how can I get ActiveExplorer() to return a Non-Null value when Outlook comes to foreground so that I can register for the events folder change/view change/selection change.

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