outlook 2010

  1. O

    Outlook tasks - Add text column with multiple lines

    Hi there, I am trying to create a tasklist in outlook where I would like to have a column where I can add text which supports multiple lines (this shall work for flagged emails and manually added tasks). I was only able to add a custom column which supports one line only. Is this possible? If...
  2. A

    Custom VBA to sort emails into folders

    Hey there... am new here :) I am trying to make a VBA which can automatically download emails (and their attachments) to certain folders based on a word or code mentioned in the email. For example, I have a folder on my harddrive located at "C:\Uni-Work-2019\2259\Emails", and receive a lot of...
  3. S

    Outlook 2010 unable to change default font

    Hi I am trying to change the default font size in Outlook 2010 (via file, options, mail, stationary and fonts). When I click the Stationary and Fonts button it turns to blue background. Outlook then fails to respond for a while but never opens the form to make the change. I tried the Registry...
  4. RBLampert

    Updating from Outlook 2010 to Outlook 365

    I'm getting ready to move from Outlook 2010 to Outlook 365. Are there any gotchas or things I need to be on the lookout for when making the transition? Also, is it necessary to remove an account from 2010 before I can add it to 365? I have a lot of accounts to move, so if I have to do this...
  5. D

    Unopened message in inbox deleted and not in deleted items

    Unopened message in inbox deleted and not in deleted items
  6. L

    What are the risks of opening an Outlook 2016 .pst file in Outlook 2010?

    I have Outlook 2016 on one (my main) computer. I'm going on holiday with a laptop with Outlook 2010. Can I copy the 2016 .pst file over to the 2010 for the holiday period, use it, and then copy it back again to the main computer without losing data? The file will not be used by both Outlooks...
  7. RBLampert

    Assigning a newly (re)created e-mail account to a specific .pst data file

    I'm having to rebuild my Outlook accounts after moving from a "spinner" hard drive to a solid-state one. As I recreate my e-mail accounts, I want to assign each one to an already-existing .pst file on a cloud storage service (Dropbox), rather than on the local SSD so I can access the data from...
  8. Mark Foley

    Unable to subscribe to published calendar in Outlook 2010

    More Outlook 2010 troubles. I re-created an Outlook Account for a user (see related thread: The upload of "Calendar" failed. There was a problem with the request.), then WebDAV published his calendar. I then sent out an invitation to another Outlook user in the office to subscribe to his...
  9. K

    Selecting a folder from an entry in a Listbox

    I have a large number of folders in my inbox and also multiple levels of folders. I have written a macro to prompt for a snippet of text then return all folder paths containing that text. This works fine and produces a nice list. However, I then have to fumble around trying to locate the...
  10. E

    Outlook 2010 Can somebody tell me , the question associated with OST format

    I have a problem with my OST file. When I opened MS Outlook 2010 it showed error: Errors were detected in file 'Outlook.ost. Ost file is quite huge more than 6GB. I've heard of an alternative method of converting Ost to Pst, can anyone suggest something like this?
  11. J

    Updating existing entry on shared calendar wants to send update from delegate

    So I have a user that is a delegate for an attorney. When she tries to update an existing entry or create a new entry it wants to send an invitation to the mailbox owner and shows the invitation from the delegate ( please see attached screenshot). I've confirmed the delegate has editor...
  12. E

    Unable to open Outlook 2010 after adding new email account

    After adding a new email account, I find I cannot open Outlook in MS Office University 2010. When I attempt to open the application, it hangs on the 'Loading profiles' screen, and I see a dialog box asking for an Exchange Server and mailbox name. If I cancel this, I see an error message: "Cannot...
  13. RBLampert

    Outlook 2010 no longer (?) shrinks large images

    Here's an odd problem with Outlook 2010. It seems to me that the software used to shrink large size/full resolution images down to fit whatever window an e-mail was being displayed in. For the past six months or so, it hasn't, so when a blogger I follow uses images in her posts, which she does a...
  14. S

    Display PF contact folder items to select contact to link to appointment

    Set-up: Windows 7 Pro/Outlook 2010/Office 365 Exchange Goal: I have a custom appointment form. We are heavy users of contact linking and have a number of contact folders. When we go to link a record, we have to navigate to the correct contact folder in order to select the contact record to...
  15. N

    Creating a button or link to a form in the Organizational Forms Library

    We have a custom form that is published to the Organizational Forms Library. Is there a way to create a button in Outlook that would link to that form in the Organizational Forms Library? Or is there a way to create a shortcut icon on the desktop that would link to that form? If there are any...
  16. S

    problem with convert

    Hello , faced such problem , a Trojan virus ate the original OST file , is it possible to convert it after restoring to PST , if Yes then how ? please tell me...
  17. B

    How to get ALL Internet headers in Outlook desktop?

    By setting the Mail key and SaveAllMimeNotJustHeaders in registry for POP3 account on Outlook 2007, I'm not able to get X-Originating-IP header field. After setting the registry key, outlook downloaded the html source too of the new emails, but not all the header fields. In Outlook OWA (outlook...
  18. T

    Compacting Outlook 2010 OST results in old emails being re-sent

    Hello Diane and fellow readers, I have a customer running outlook 2010, connected to an offsite company exchange server, and I am compacting the OST now. The customer's OST file is 45GB!! Hence compacting is still running as I write this, 18 hours later. The customer reported to me this...
  19. C

    Filter/Search emails sent to internal Exchange address only

    Hi. Sorry if this has been answered - I searched but did not find - please direct me if it has been! Microsoft Outlook 2010 Exchange Server (I do not have access to server settings) Is it possible to search/find/filter/view emails sent to internal Exchange address only. I can do basic VBA...
  20. K

    Outlook 2010 duplicate download emails 1 inbox 1 PST no updates

    Been using Outlook 2010 for ages, admit that my inboxes on both the server and in outlook profile contain many emails. I need to keep emails still on the server. Starting yesterday , with no update from outlook software since June 2017, my inbox started downloading all the emails on the...