Selecting a folder from an entry in a Listbox

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Outlook 2010 64 bit
Email Account (as MS Exchange)
I have a large number of folders in my inbox and also multiple levels of folders. I have written a macro to prompt for a snippet of text then return all folder paths containing that text. This works fine and produces a nice list. However, I then have to fumble around trying to locate the folder through the hierarchy. I mean its doable, but very time-consuming.

All I now need is to double-click on one of the results in the list box (format=full text path of folder starting at the inbox address) and the folder then gets "selected" in the folder hierarchy and I can open it immediately.

Surely, this must be a simple job! But no matter how hard I try with bits of code lifted from the net, I keep getting errors because I guess I do not understand the Outlook VBA collection of objects sufficiently.

Can anyone help?

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