categories are being cut off after selecting from category pop up form

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Stormin Norm

Outlook version
Outlook 2010 64 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
Existing categories are getting cut off / removed whenever a user selects a category from the pop up categories selection window.


The categories field is large enough for multiple categories. Lets say the categories field looks like this:

12001 Attendee, 12003 Special Invitation, 13033 this is even longer, Prospect, Seminar Attendee, Superlong event name, 14001 New Years Event

So the user clicks the categories button, the categories selection window pops up, they select another category '14002 next event' and the entire categories field is reduced to (not sure exact point of truncation, but my bet would be at 255 chars)

12001 Attendee, 12003 Special Invitation, 13033 this is even longer, Prospect, Semina 14002 next event

Some issues/questions-

I can not see the underlying code for the categories button to check or increase the field size (guessing 255?)

I can not see/edit the categories popup window.

Is the button code & pop up window 'not able to be edited' because it is an outlook system defined button & form

Or are they not visible or can not be edited because this form was 'borrowed' from bcm back in 2007

Thanks for any guidance you can provide!!View attachment 885
Yeah, 255 is a safe bet. :) Where are you seeing this? On a message form, contact form or in the list view? You can't increase the size of the field but should be able to add them to the item.

If you mean in the text box on the custom form, right click on it and choose properties, enable multiline.

If you mean in the text box on the custom form, right click on it and choose properties, enable multiline.

Tried to enable multiline, same problem, cuts off at 255 chars.

My outside guess is the pop up form is to blame, when it passes the values from the popup categories form back to the categories field. The length of the field must be set to 255 in this popup form.

Do you know a way of editing that categories pop up form?


Do you know of any examples of someone creating a customized select categories form instead of using the default outlook categories button?

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