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I created a menu in VBA for managing my different categories. I often assign many categories for one single email and i would like to reverse the order that the categories are shown in the email.

For example:

I could set the following categories: Now-someone waiting-client-Estimate.

I will press the previous categories button in my userform but in the email, it will appear conversely: Estimate-client-someone waiting-Now.

Is there any way of reversing the way that the categories are shown?




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Outlook 2010 32 bit
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You could set all the categories at once:

Private Sub SetCategories()

Dim myItem As Object
Dim strCat As String

Set myItem = ActiveInspector.currentItem

If myItem.Class = olMail Then
    strCat = "Estimate, client, someone waiting, Now"
    myItem.Categories = strCat
End If

    Set myItem = Nothing
End Sub
Or reverse the order like this:

Private Sub ReverseCategories()

Dim myItem As Object
Dim strCat As String
Dim strCatReverse As String
Dim myCats As Variant
Dim i As Long

Set myItem = ActiveInspector.currentItem

If myItem.Class = olMail Then
    strCat = myItem.Categories
    Debug.Print strCat
    myCats = Split(strCat, ",")
    For i = UBound(myCats) To LBound(myCats) Step -1
        strCatReverse = strCatReverse & myCats(i) & ", "
    myItem.Categories = strCatReverse
End If

    Set myItem = Nothing

End Sub
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