Outlook is doing my head in just to login to it

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OMG, hope l don't offend anyone, but Outlook is one of the worst things ever that has happened to me yet!
Not looking in a mirror at the moment, but the word PARC springs to mind.
I currently have a Hotmail Account (***********@hotmail.co.uk) which l bookmarked.
I select this bookmark, up pops a screen with my email address in it which l select, enter my password, and away l go.
All easy thus far.
Due to a real problem, l had to create a new account, so Outlook it was (***************@outlook.com)
Bookmarked the page once l had logged in and that is when my troubles started.
If l select this bookmark, l am shunted to the official Microsoft site asking me to pay for this and that to upgrade.
It doesn't allow me access to my new outlook account.
So now, l have to google "sign in to outlook.com" to try and find somewhere to let me in.
The most obvious ones just come up and show me my Hotmail account details (ie ***********@hotmail.co.uk).
Nothing out there, MS wise, even recognises my new Outlook account albeit they have confirmed it is up and running.
YOU are the only site that has allowed me access.
EVERY other forum site has not recognised my official e-mail addresses whether it be hotmail or outlook.
What would be great is to have a bookmark that shows me either hotmail or outlook. I choose, and away l go!
Sorry for rambling on (grrrrr l am so annoyed).
Any ideas?
OMG, hope l don't offend anyone, but Outlook is one of the worst things ever that has happened to me yet!
You aren't alone in thinking this. :)

When you use outlook on the web, can't bookmark the actual log on - only the general page then select or enter the correct account. If you click in the email field, the accounts may be listed (if you have the browser configured to save it). If you have the browser configured to automatically log you in, you'll either need to sign out or use a private browser (or another browser) for the other account.

This would be the bookmark - Outlook.com - Microsoft free personal email - and if you are signed out, you'll see the login page.
Many many thanks for the reply Diane.
I have this free AV software (it's all above board by the way), which needs to write a message to my email address.
I NEVER give out my real email address, but use either Hotmail or outlook
Due to system problems, l had to delete it and upon re-install, it says hold on a minute, this account is already in use!
Hence me creating a new outlook account so it can send me the message there instead.
I am used to the Hotmail layout and will supposedly get used to using Outlook.
I know systems have to progress, but if something isn't broke, why try and fix it?
Kind Regards
I'm having serious serious problems. Here is a complaint I copied from the forum site which dates back to Sept. 26, 2016
Today is July 6th, 2019. Obviously, the problem then hasn't been fixed, because the same issue is haunting my computer. I even tried to use a different mail program, but somehow, this fictitious ……...............…@outlook.com keeps popping up. I had so much problems with this for weeks now, that I decided to delete Office 365 altogether. Despite several attempts with Microsoft help, taking over my computer, nobody is able to fix it. The final straw is when one of the techies told me it would cost me over $200 to fix it. I've had enough with Microsoft Office, nothing but problems. Here is a copy of the email from 2016 which explains the problem in detail. Is there anybody out there who really cares and in a position to fixe it?

Note - this is not an issue in outlook.com - only an issue in my desktop version of Outlook 2016. And this has only become an issue since the Microsoft's migration to Exchange for Outlook which just hit my account today. (I have an Office 365 for Home account)

I am using outlook for my business email address which is on my own domain. I have that email account set up as my windows live account and my primary account in outlook.com. I originally had it set up as a pop account there but today I had to change it to imap to get it to work again after Microsoft's changes. Everything used to work fine - I had my outlook.com account (my own domain business email) set up as an eas account in Outlook 2016 on my desktop - and since that email was primary when I sent emails from outlook it would default as the Send From account. Now because of Microsoft's switch to Exchange that all stopped working and I had to remove the exchange active sync account and add it as an exchange account - except that I couldn't do that with my own domain account - so I had to add a new alias in outlook.com of a new outlook.com email account that I have no intention of using at all - but this was the only way I could get my outlook client to connect automatically with my outlook.com account. That appeared to work (although it isn't using the actual alias I set up, it shows the account as some super long email address outlook_as90350293r52320395203909@outlook.com - and it won't allow me to change the name) but the real issue is that when I send emails from my desktop version of outlook and select to send from my own domain email account the emails go through as sent from outlook_as90350293r52320395203909@outlook.com on behalf of myemail.mydomain.com. When I send an email from outlook.com I get a different result - the sent from is my own email address - so I just need to get the outlook client working the same way.
I simply cannot have this for my business. How do I get this fixed?? "
Due to system problems, l had to delete it and upon re-install, it says hold on a minute, this account is already in use!
Did the AV software or Outlook.com give you that message? It sounds more like a config problem somewhere...
It is just "a well known brand" of AV software, Diane.
When you download it, it asks for an email address. It then sends a message to that address and when you click on it, there is a link
in there that verifies who you are etc. etc.
However, being the smart a**e software that it is (ha ha), it already KNOWS that address, and will not complete the download.
Give it a new address and off it goes quite happily.
Normally, this problem would never have occurred if l hadn't had lost the original install.
In my particular case, l don't think it's an Outlook or a config problem per say. It just means that if it ever happens again, l will need to
register yet another new Outlook Account every time!
There l was, being an Admin for a lot of sites, and using my ***hotmail.co.uk account to receive and reply to all.
It was unique, and everyone knew who l was.
I have now pulled out of everything, as l cannot keep telling everyone my new account name (l am now on my sixth account already,
but hardly use any of them).
Outlook has somewhat trashed all of that for me.
As l said before, Hotmail used to be the bees knees. Just the one account, you knew where you were with it but no, let's just change it.
Now hhammer has joined THIS thread - Great by the way!
First of all, l will never use anything Microsoft (like exchange) unless l can help it. Will always google an alternative if l can.
Funnily enough though, it all sort of comes back to Outlook in some form or another.
I have not got a business, so feel sorry for you hhammer!
Kind Regards
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