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i'm running Outlook 2013 (v 15.0.49....) I have a set up a bunch of rules which was working fine.
Recently the company i'm working in decided to migrate from "local" domain to the new "global" one.
Also updated mail server from POP3 to Microsoft exchange.
Most of the email accounts are personal (first.last@domain), but also we have accounts on shifts like
something.odd@domain. Users using these accounts keep changing every week or two. On every user change something.odd@domain gets its name changed like <User1> something.odd@domain, <User2> something.odd@domain, <User3> something.odd@domain.
Now the problem, which didn't exist while we was on POP3:
The rule looks up the display name (User2) not the sender's address (something.odd@domain) which is inconvenient, because i have to changed it every time when new user is using this acc. Any ideas how to force outlook to look up address instead of name?
Rather than using the From rule, use words in the header or sender address contains rules- either will look at the underlying address.

Also updated mail server from POP3 to Microsoft exchange.
Oh... if the addresses are internal to exchange, there is no internet header and no SMTP address when the message was sent using Exchange. (If it's sent from a service or utility, it may have a header).

Use /ou in sender address to do something to all internal mail or use their alias to filter mail from specific users.
BTW - if the aliases are commonly used (like info), you may not be able to use just the alias as it will pick up all mail sent from people using the same alias and your server may add a guid to the alias so you can't use /cn-alias:

you can use this macro to get the exchange x500 address of a selected address - debug.print puts it in the immediate window or use msgbox for a popup. (if you click in the popup and ctrl a, c, it will copy the text - paste into notepad and you'll be able to copy just the alias.)
Sub getalias()
Dim objitem
Set objitem = Application.ActiveExplorer.Selection.Item(1)
Debug.Print objitem.SenderEmailAddress
MsgBox objitem.SenderEmailAddress 
End Sub
I tried matching sender's address but it doesn't check the email address neither. If i try same but with header will trigger (i think) even when the matched string exist in recipients. Also header contains senders address like
"From: First Last <somethink.odd@domain>" so i have to figure it out how to check only "from" row in a deader without using wildcards
You could use a script with regex to get the sender address, but if the sender's are in exchange GAL, you need to use /ou.

I have some regex samples at slipstick.com but i don't recall if any get the address from the header - i have a CFG that gets the sender's address though. How to display the sender's email address in Outlook The value here (or part of it) is what you need to use in Senders address.
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