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I run Outlook 2013 and sync my calendar and contacts with Outlook.com (thus two data files...pst & ost). After my new phone would not sync, I made some changes (mainly to my Outlook.com account name) and ultimately have my pop3 account working correctly (not syncing with Outlook.com), as well as my contacts and calendar items (syncing though EAS). However, during that process, my previous rules were lost (or I cant find them). Not big problem as there were not that many, but my issue is that when I try to write a rule to categorize emails, my category list only shows the 6 basic categories with color names (Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow). All other areas with category show all my category items (about 75+ of them with client names).

Is there a way to get the Color Categories in Rules to show the same as in my email, calendar, or notes screen categories?

I tried assigning all categories to a Note, then drag the note to my desktop, then back and selected "upgrade to color categories"....it did not work.
It sounds like you have two different data files - rules and categories are stored in the default data file. Did you change the default data file? Each data file that is used by an account (as the delivery location) may also have a different set of color categories.

Try adding all of the categories to an appointment or contact then dragging it to outlook.com folders and using upgrade to color categories.
Diane, yes, I changed the default data file from outlook.pst to the outlook.ost per the instructions for syncing contact/calendar.

I made a new appointment in the in the pst file, added all the categories, then dragged it over to the ost file. I then right clicked the top OST heading in the email page, selected "data file properties", then "upgraded to color categories". That worked! Thank you!

If I understand this correctly, my emails are being stored in the pst file and my calendar and contacts are in the ost file. Does that sound correct?
Correct. Mail sent to your pop account are in the pst file, calendar and contacts are in outlook.com.
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