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Hello everyone,

I have a strange issue in Outlook 2010 and his rules.

I receive an automatic email from every day and this email is flooding my inbox.

I create a rule in the I¡nbox to move this emails to another one, but this is the only rule that not execute automatically, I need to force this rule every moment, to do a clean in Inbox of these emails.

I tried to do this actions without any result:

Add this receiver like a contact.
Try to create that rule in another terminal.
Delete all rules and only create one.
Create one rule with subject.
Repair the OST file with tool SCANPST.EXE

And raised this issue to my colleagues of Servers, but they told me its ok in the Server configuration.

Could you please help me?

thanks in advance.
I receive an automatic email from every day and this email is flooding my inbox.
is there any thing else in the message you can filter on? Are you using 'words in the header' condition, using the address as the word, or a sender is that address rule? Try words in the header...

I tried with words too, but the email resists to move to this folder, (and I used another folder too, but I obtained the same result).

Thanks 4 your help.
It's not uncommon for rules to fail, but it should work at least part of the time if the condition matches.

That's not an NDR is it? Outlook doesn't see them as messages so rules may fail.
A rule with 'no-reply.face@' in the header *should* work - but if it's internally generated on exchange, you won't have a header - if it comes from an outside system, you would.

I'm assuming that adding a category instead of moving fails to?

I have a macro at Move messages CC'd to an address (second macro) that checks all messages for a value and moves them to a new folder. It might work... you'd need to use .SenderEmailAddress = "no-reply.face@"
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