Outlook with MDaemon Connectivity Issue

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Outlook 2010 64 bit
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Here is to hoping for any kind of help for a user with unresponsive email that we have tried everything for. I am hoping someone sees something in this scenario that I have missed. Thanks for any help that can be provided.

User System Statistics
Msg count 15484
Disk Space 1475043
Using Microsoft Office Outlook 2010

User reported issues of Outlook not responding multiple times and only solution is task manager dirty shutdown.

Inbox >300 emails
Deleted >2500 emails

Server System Statistics
MDaemon Server (32-bit): v15.0.1
Registered / PRO / 250 users

MDaemon Server (32-bit):
SMTP/POP/IMAP server: v15.0.1
SecurityPlus for MDaemon:
AV overall system: v4.5.0
Outlook Connector for MDaemon:
Plugin: v3.0.0
Remote Administration Server:
HTTP server: v15.0.1

Changes, tests and rabbit hole

New Machine rebuilt Outlook fresh install of Office and Connecter

Physical Office
Moved to second RJ45 in same office
Moved to a third RJ45 outside of office to next office

Changed location of Switch port on same switch
Changed location of Switch port on different switch

Patch Panel
Changed location of Patch Panel connection to switch

Ping Tests
Pings to Mail Server within expectations
Pings to Domain Controller within expectations
Pings to Application Server and File Storage within expectations
Pings to Outside Address within expectations

Network Tests
No Lag in Application Server and File Storage requests

Open large email <2MB and system will take up to 15 seconds to display
Close email and reopen instantaneous.
Close Outlook and Open same message will take up to 15 seconds to display

Once message is trying to open like the <2MB and system will take up to 15 seconds to display if you click anywhere inside Outlook –causes not responding error and crash.

This crash might need a full system reboot before it will open again.



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Outlook 2010 64 bit
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Great question yes the mail file is in location:
Today we also ran SCANPST.exe on the file.

Diane Poremsky

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Office 365 Exchange
In the "other" outlook folder, in %appdata%\microsoft\outlook - delete the srs and outlprnt file. A corrupt SRS can cause crashes, usually on send and receive. Ah, and if send and receive is set belong 5 minutes, raise to at least 5 minutes, 8 to 10 min is better. A corrupt OTM (macros) file can cause outlook to crash, usually on start up but it depends on the macros too.


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There are lot of issues and difficulties when you connect MDaemon with Outlook. If you are supposed to go with manual process then it’s going to very tough, rather than go with manual process I would suggest you to use third party MDaemon to PST Tool. Read this for more details.
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