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I saw the one message regarding 365 not being able to search, but wanted to check and see if it applies to Outlook 2016 also.

I do a lot of searching by opening a specific folder in Outlook 2016 and search for an email address in the upper right corner. I am stuck until I can figure out how to get this to work again.

I did go through the indexing steps, which didn't help.

Thank you,
Judy F.
SW Florida - USA
There are issues with search affecting outlook but i don't know the full extent right now.

This error only happens (here anyway) if i search all mailboxes - searching in one folder or mailbox seems to work ok - i find what I'm looking for. The search error that has plagued outlook 2016 pst files since late winter seems to be hanging around for some people.

search error.png
Thanks Diane for the quick reply. With mine, it doesn't matter if I only have a few message in that particular folder, it still has the little dots running across the top showing it is running and that's it. Hopefully they get this fixed quickly. I did read where the update can be uninstalled, but I have numerous office 2016 updates from 06/13/17.
Hopefully they get this fixed shortly because I really use the search function.
Judy F.
SW Florida - USA
I don't think it will be long to see the fixes - there were too many.
I have a number of customers on varying versions of Outlook and a large majority are complaining about search issues. I have tried rebuilding ost's / pst's / search indexes all with no success. I can only assume it is something bad in a Windows 10 search index update. Anyone with any further insight how to keep people operation would be appreciated. I don't think I am alone in saying I am beginning to dread windows updates!
OOPs... this is referencing the spell check, not search issue. :( Search should be fixed early next week too, i think it is a Windows update though, not outlook. (Spell check fix is an office update.)

The spell check issue was a bug introduced by the Windows 10 Creators Update and is (apparently) fixed in the build which should come out early next week (end of June 2017). Anyone with Insider Slow can check to see if it is fixed - they should get the new build today.
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