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Hello everyone, I'm using Outlook 2013 and I was wondering if there is a way i can search from:name plus one specific date to another? for example note this is not a working example! on Instant search i will input from:name of email sender AND received:( >4/15/2014 AND <4/21/2014)

Is that something possible and if is possible what am i missing?

Thanks in advance!
you're close. Try this:

from:sender received:(>4/1/2014 <4/13/2014)
from:sender received:(4/1/2014..4/13/2014) [that's 2 dots in between dates]
from:(sender+name) received:(>4/1/2014 <4/13/2014) [using two words for the sender will match either word in other From names. use quotes around the words or put a plus between the words]

More search query tips:
so much for the smilies :) See if this works better -

from:sender received:(>4/1/2014 <4/13/2014) 
from:sender received:(4/1/2014..4/13/2014) 
from:(sender+name) received:(>4/1/2014 <4/13/2014)
This one works perfectly
from:sender received:(4/1/2014..4/13/2014)
Thanks a lot for the fast response and have a great day!
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