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I just recenctly, thanks to this forum, learned how to search through archived emails for emails between specific dates. And through messing around with that knowledge I learned how to do something I'd always wanted to do, but never gave it a moments thought that it was possible, which is to have simultanious layered searches. So, search for emails from Bill, between these dates, that have the word cat, for example. You do that by seperating each search field with an &, very powerful.

Now I want to see if you can search for emails, that DOESN'T have a certain word. I know its a stab in the dark, but hopefully this can be done. For example, lets say I have a boss thats strict and every email he sends me, is a task to be finished and hes so strict, he ends each email with the phrase "due on XX/XX/XX". Now lets say he, once in his life, years ago sent me a joke email and it was good. Years later I want to search for that email, but I have no memory of it other than he sent it. If I search by his name, tons of emails will appear and even the subject line would not paint any picture so I would have to open up every email he ever sent. Or I could search by his name for emails that don't have the word due and I'd find it easy. Being an excel nerd, I tried "Bill <> due" and that actually searches emails with Bill and due in it (still an example - I'm just sticking to the example for simplicity), exactly the opposite to what I want. Its all I could think, anyone knows if this can be done?



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Outlook 2007
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That did it, I forgot the ALL CAPS version. Your just have to say "Bill NOT due" and it can be layered too. Beautiful, thanks.
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