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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account
outlook 2010 - I am using a training account (student files) from watsoina publishing that I downloaded from their site.

Training courseware, Microsoft courseware, Computer courseware, MYOB training manuals, Microsoft Project 2010, Microsoft training manual, Computer training manuals, IT training courseware, Computer training courseware, Office training manual, Excel t . The file is called inf1026.

I have my main(default) email account opened and two other email accounts and then the watsonia account opened.

The pic below shows the contact folder list.


The problem I have is creating a contact group. Using the watsonia contact list when i go and create a group outlook only lets me look in the contacts in my default contacts or the suggested contacts, not the ones in the watsonia contact list. However the group when saved is saved in the watsonia contacts.

I can copy all the default contacts into the watsonia contacts but that seems incorrect. Anyone with an idea on this one Thanks
Right click on the watsonia contact folder and choose Properties. Enable it as an address book on the Outlook Address Book tab.
Great - that did the trick - I guess I dont understand the diffrence between 'contacts' and 'address book' quite well enough as I considered the address book to be an older version of contacts but there seems to be references to both so i am a little confused on that. Thanks again.
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