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Since the cached Exchange mode account should auto sync with the server, what are the "correct/optimal" settings for send/receive groups if it is the only email account in Outlook?

Should auto send/receive be enabled, does the interval matter?

Under "send/receive groups" what are the ramifications of checking/unchecking the folders?

If you say that they are not needed for exchange accounts, does it create additional overhead to leave them checked?

The default for exchange in the send / receive dialog is disabled. send-receive.png

If you enable it and don't sync all the folders, the items in those folders will only be accessible on the server. The mailbox will sync on schedule.
Sorry to be so dense, but even with send/receive account disabled everything appears to be syncing in all folders (mail, contacts, calendar, etc). What do you mean by "the items in those folders will only be accessible on the server. The mailbox will sync on schedule."?

Also, with the account disabled as in your picture is there any reason to leave "include the is account in send/receive" and schedule automatic S/R checked?
The Exchange account is *supposed to be* disabled/deselected in the Send and Receive dialog. Exchange doesn't use the Send and Receive settings; changes are pushed out by the server a few seconds after they occur. For example, when new messages arrive in your mailbox, they are pushed to outlook a few seconds later. You don't have to wait for the next send and receive to get them.

The send and receive settings are for the benefit of POP3/IMAP users. If you enable Exchange mailbox to be included in a send & receive, you may not receive the messages as they arrive. If you deselect a folder, it may stop syncing with Outlook and you'll need to use OWA to read the contents.

Personally, I would not touch the Send and Receive settings for Exchange accounts. Keep the defaults.
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