Sent Items Folder NOT Showing Correct From Email Address


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Outlook 2019 64-bit
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If I send a new email doing this... Outlook > New Email Btn > From Drop Down box > Other Email Address... > From... = > ok > the messages from address is changed, by Outlook, from... * (my sending account) to .

After I then press Send, I go to my sent items folder... both the message's From and From Email Address fields show the sending account.. * and NOT the sending email address I used...

I have over a hundred different "other email address" I use, so I really need a field in the Sent Items folder that shows the actual "send on behalf of address" and/or a way to get it using a program. Since I have so many "other email addresses" it is not practical to set up send only accounts for each "send on behalf of address" I use.

I have an autohotkey program (using com object) that can get the actual "send on behalf of address", but it only works on incoming messages. I have not been able to find any com object mailitem, etc. that gets the actual sent items folder "send on behalf of address". If I run my program with a Sent Items message highlighted the "send on behalf of address" shows up as * and not as

Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.