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Hello everyone.

I have got an exchange email account and a few days ago I received an email from the administrator saying that I have exceeded my mailbox storage limit. That stopped me from receiving emails so I created a subfolder under Inbox called SentEmails and I moved all my emails from the Sent Items folder to the SentEmails folder. That reduced my mailbox and I was able to receive emails again.

A day later my computer crashed and I had to force reboot it without logging off. After that my SentEmails folder disappeared and I had saved all my sent messages in there. The Support people are telling me that when I forced reboot the computer my profile was not saved back to the server and that might have caused the problem. I understand that but does anyone know how it would make my folder disappear? Is there a way to get it back?

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Many thanks
Something does not compute. :) How did you create the new sent folder?

I am assuming that you created a pst file on your computer and moved the sent items to it, not that you created a folder as a subfolder of the Inbox. If the Inbox is in the Exchange mailbox, moving from Sent items to a subfolder of the inbox just moved the messages, it won't reduce mailbox size.

If my assumption is correct, try repeating the steps you used to create the pst - do you see the pst file you created when you get to the point where the dialog asks you to select a file or enter a pst name?

If your inbox was in a pst already, are you using roaming profiles with the pst stored in the roaming profile? If so, IT is correct that the pst did not upload to the server.
Hi Diane

Thank you for your reply.

I right clicked on the "Mailbox - Username" and then "New folder". Typed a name for the new folder and hit OK.
You are right it was not an Inbox subfolder, it was a Mailbox - Username subfolder. It was under the rest of the outlook default folders.

If I try to open a new outlook data files there are no pst files when the dialog prompts me to choose one. There is only this: C:\WINDOWS\LocalEmailCache\username\CachedExMail.ost

It is a roaming profile but in that case my old sent messages should have still be in the default Sent Items folder, right?
If the cache did not update, then yes, they might be in the sent items folder on the server. Log in using OWA to see. If Recover deleted items is enabled, you may be able to recover them if they aren't in Sent items.

My comment still applies though- moving mail from Sent Items to a folder within the mailbox will not reduce the mailbox size. You need to move them to a pst file to make room on the server. Or delete other mail from the mailbox.
If Recover deleted items is enabled, you may be able to recover them if they aren't in Sent items

That did the trick:eek:

Many thanks Diane
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