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Greetings, given a known good email address, for years I've been able to manually construct a display name by typing or pasting into the To: field. Let's say the email address is:
I could manually prepend with the display name of my choice, then bracket the email address with parentheses, less than/greater than signs, or brackets.

For example:
Display Name (
Display Name <>

However, a few months ago, my efforts to do so started failing--the mail item bounced. If I remove the Display Name & brackets, & re-send using the raw email address, the mail item would not bounce (i.e., the address is good).

As I said, I had built such addresses for years without problem, & this used to work as recently as a few months ago on my current PC using the same Outlook client on O365. Now, however, I can expect all such efforts to bounce.

Note: I'm referring to the standalone client, not corporate email.

I could provide more details, but I'm sure this is something someone out there is familiar with.

Thanks for your help.
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