Copy "To" Address Value from a Newly Created Email to the "To" Address Field of Custom Form

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Thanks for all of the valuable info. It was essential in creating my custom form & works great. However, the person wanting the form would rather not have an email address simply copied and pasted into the Recipients field by users. They would like the form to auto populate with the email address ready to go.

My workaround would be:

In the example: clicking a "mailto:" link in an HTML doc opens a blank email in outlook with the to address pre filled. In the quick access toolbar of that email, I have a button for the macro that launches the custom form.

I basically need to copy the "To" field value from the first email (generated by clicking that html doc link) to my custom form on open, then close that first email. (Essentially replacing the first "mailto:" generated email with my custom form) I'm at a loss, though, as to how to talk to that first email from my form.
Where is the address coming from? You might be able to grad it using a macro. If not, you can grab it from the other message. You need to identify the message that is in focus, get the entry and insert it in the custom form. But I'd try to grab the address without opening the extra message.
Thanks again. The address is coming from other software that doesn't interface with Outlook, a (ie. button or a link on a web page). Unfortunately the extra message has to be opened in order to utilize the form, in this case. Since I'll be putting my "launch form" macro in the "Quick Access" menu bar, is it possible to include that " grab" as part of the open macro and trasfer it from there. Grabbing it from "the other" message is where I'm having the problem, I don't have the slightest clue as how to access it since it's no longer in focus and the "To:" value is not stored anywhere else.
You can use the title bar to bring the message into focus. Or, after the message is open, run the macro and call up the template. That would actually be easier.
Thanks so much again for pointing me in the right direction. I'm sharing the code that I ended up using (snippets from here, there, and everywhere in this forum) in case anyone else needs a hand. (The following goes in the Macro from opening a custom form).

Public Sub ComplexCustomForm()
Dim olfolder As Outlook.MAPIFolder
Dim olapp As Outlook.Application
Dim Items As Outlook.Items
Dim Item As Object
Dim m As mailItem
Set m = ActiveInspector.CurrentItem
f = m.To
Set olapp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set olfolder = olapp.GetNamespace("Mapi").folders("SHARED FOLDER WHERE IPM.Note RESIDES")
Set Items = olfolder.Items
Set Item = Items.Add("IPM.Note.ComplexCustomForm")
Item.To = f
m.Close olDiscard
Set m = Nothing
Set olfolder = Nothing
Set olapp = Nothing
Set Items = Nothing
Set Item = Nothing
End Sub
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