How to find specific header and copy the mail body

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Hi Team,

i have gone through many outlook forums and could not able to figure out correct code for my requirement.

i have group mail box in we receive mails frequently with Subject line " Request ID 691941: Call Lodged "
here 691941 keep changing with request coming in mail box and remaining will be same.

what my requirement is:
1. My Macro should keep reading the group mail box when ever it sees a new mail with only subject line contains "Request ID xxxx: Call Lodged " remaining mails can be ingnored
2. from mail body it should copy only these fields to excel.
i) Request ID 691941 (in this only 691941 should be copied to excel)
ii) Severity Level: Sev2 (in this only Sev2 should be copied to excel)
iii) Product: FINCORE (in this only FINCORE should be copied to excel)
iv) Customer:FINATS (in this only FINATS should be copied to excel)
v) Date & Time : when this mail was received date and time


my excel sheet looks like above and the data should copy in those fields accordingly

remaining fields are not required as of now.

any help is appreciated
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