How to paste website content using a specific font and removing URLs

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When pasting content from a website into an email, I'd like to:

a. have the links removed
b. keep the layout (bullets, paragraphs)
c. use Italic Times as font (so as to better distinguish from the default font, Calibri)

and, if possible,

d. have this as default(?) or at least 2nd paste option? or is it possible to have a button on the QAT that does this?

How am I to proceed



Diane Poremsky

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There isn't a built in function that can do it but you could use a macro. A) is possible using paste special, but it will remove the formatting. C) is possible if that is your default font style.

I have a macro somewhere (it may be in a recent thread here) that will remove links and macros at that will do c). I'll see if I can find them. (I'm on the road so it might be awhile till I'm on a computer and can find them - working on an iPad currently.)

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Hi Diane,
Many thanks for replying.
No problem, I'll wait patiently.

BTW: Italic Times (item c) is not my default style. I use Calibri, but once quoting/pasting from Internet, the text is meant to 'stand out' so to say, i.e. it should be clear that it is a quoted/pasted text, reason why I (normally) use Italic Times.

Best regards
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