VBA Outlook : Subject line : Cut and Paste name to heading , number to very end of the body of Email

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I have many emails in outlook that I need to cut the numbers "1234" from subject line and paste to very end of body of email, and cut the name "Dennis," to the heading in the body of email. There will always be 4 spaces in between the comma and the first number. Please help, thank you.

Ex) Subject Line: Dennis, 1234

Body of email
xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx
Thank you for your interest. 1234

Diane Poremsky

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You'd use instr or regex. This sample will give you an idea of how to do it - Create Appointment From Email Automatically

You'd do something like this to use the values in the message body:

strName = apptArray(0) & "," & vbcrlf
StrCode = apptArray(1)
With objMail
.Body = strName & Item.Body & strCode
' .Send
End With
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