Outlook Archive to PST Files by Date Range VBA Script?

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I hope I've simply overlooked a good option and someone can point me to it. Rather than needing to write up the whole script, here's what I would like to do:
  1. Archive items for every 2 weeks or every month to a PST file for that timeframe.
  2. Ideally, then zip that PST file to a totally separate location
  3. Ensure the archive PST files are not still linked to Outlook at the end of each archive
I currently do this for one email address that is essentially at that point a backup for that address. I manually archive items every quarter (90 days or 3 months).

I have a new address which will be substantially larger, and is really only being used as a backup. That is why I'd like to do this ever 2 weeks to a month, automate it, and zip the backup files.

Is there any even skeleton of a script out there (VBA or otherwise) that could handle this?

Thanks for any references or ideas.

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook version
Outlook 2016 32 bit
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Are you using AutoArchive or the manual archive method? You really only need to script #2... do you keep adding to the archive.pst or create a new one with each archive? ( its easier to find and manage mail if you have fewer pst files and the data files can hold up to 50 GB of mail - but I'd try to limit it to around 10 Gb. )

i don't think i have a macro or script for #2, but its easy enough to do. AutoArchive can handle #1, the pst should be released after archiving, but if not, that is doable with a script too.

If you wanted to use a macro... Use a Macro to Move Aged Email in Outlook - but i would use AutoArchive.
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