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Hello forum,

We are deploying Outlook as part of Office 2010 SP1 via a pre-configured MSP file. Everything works fine.

We are disabling Auto-Archive via GPO, but are allowing "manual" archive.

If a user logs in, and chooses to create an archive, they click File - Cleanup Tools - Archive, and are presented with the Archive window.

The Archive file: field is pre-populated with a path, which I would like to change, however I do not see any straightforward GPO setting that does this. There are GPO Settings for Auto Archive, but the only one for "manual" archive is to turn it on/off.

It looks as though this field can be modified by the end user, and appears to keep the modified path on subsequent archive creations, but we would like to pre-populate it with our suggested path.

We are re-directing our users My Documents folder via GPO, so the default Archive path is currently set to:
<Drive:>\My Documents\Outlook Files\archive.pst

Does anyone know what Outlook uses to create the default path and/or how to change it via GPO?

Still looking for answers here, and figured I would update.
If I specify a path in the Archive file: field, a REG_BINARY entry for the path is added to the following reg key:


I believe that this is just "keeping track" of the last known path, because deleting the entry and adding my own does not change the default displayed in the Archive file: field when I re-launch Outlook and attempt to manually create an Archive.pst
Hi Diane,

I believe I have verified your assumption, and solved this issue by modifying our current .PRF file with the suggestions in this MS article: How to set the location of an archive .pst file in Outlook

Even though it was listed as only applying to Outlook 2003 as the highest version, it still worked for our Office/Outlook 2010 install.

Note: I only added the AutoArchiveFileName = "..path" settingand the associated AutoArchiveFileName=PT_STRING8,0x0324

setting in the PRF, as we are disabling AutoArchive by default, but allowing "manual" archive.

Once the .PRF was modified, I logged on with a user account that had a clean profile, to trigger the PRF to apply.

Upon launching Oultlook 2010, my chosen archive path was present in the File - Cleanup Tools - Archive - Archive file: field.

I also checked File - Options - Advanced - AutoArchive Settings... and though the choices were grayed out due to GPO disabling AutoArchive (which is what we want), I could see that the field for Move old items to: was also set to my chosen path.

If anything, this supports your response that the paths for Archive and AutoArchive are the same.

Thanks, and I hope this helps others!
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