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I recently re-installed Windows and Office as part of adding an SSD. I have installed Outlook but have not configured it yet. In the prior installation, the primary/default email account used a POP address, and it seemed all functions were tied to this account. I have changed over to using Gmail with an IMAP type account, and I would like for this to be the primary account with the new installation. I have been looking up exporting, the importing the pst file, but it seems to me that when it imports I would still have the same situation.

How do I go about entering the IMAP account as the primary, but still transition over all of my data, including email histories?
Thanks for the reply Dianne;

I'm actually thinking I will keep the PST on the solid state. I still have about 64 GB left of the original 128 and I have installed my most critical programs. My thinking is that accessing data for outlook would be smoother with the faster drive. I don't really see why the PST files started going to documents because I believe they used to be saved in the program data, but then I'm only really a passive user. I do have a pretty large contacts list though (2,500+). I'm not exactly comfortable with changing the registry too.

I realized that the IMAP would download everything since it stays on the Google server for multi-device use. I mainly want the IMAP to be the default/primary, but not lose any of the history of emails from the POP account. That account is tied to a previous ISP which I have not used or subscribed to for over three years and may lose access to. It only really gets spam now, but the history is my main concern.

IMAP accounts cant use old pst files. You'll need to let outlook make a pst file for it and sync it. Before doing anything, are you going to direct the pst to a non-ssd drive? If so, set the forcepstpath key before creating the registry.

How to move the IMAP personal folder (*.pst) - Slipstick Systems
Oh yes, it will be faster on the SSD but a lot of people decide their pst too too big - guess they need a bigger drive. :)

IMAP pst files will stay in the %localappdata% path that outlook always used. My Docs path is for POP3 and user-created pst files because those are what need to be backed up - your pst will the contacts will be in my docs path.

No problem with your scenario - set up the imap account, set it as default, keep the old pst in the profile. The imap account should use it for calendar and contacts. Deleting the POP account from the profile won't remove the pst it uses, it only removes the account.
Ok, somehow I must have made a mistake when I actually made the move from the old HDD to the new SSD. I followed the tutorial I found on the link into Slipstick and moved the PST files manually from "documents" in my old HDD the Outlook 2010 I had been using, to "Documents" in the new SSD, also with Outlook 2010. When I opened Outlook then the data looked old based on the calendar and contacts. So I went back and booted into the old HDD and ran the "export" of the data from Outlook, (took a long time, I don’t know if that is normal) then booted back to new drive and ran "import". Nothing seemed to be correct, and when I checked the files in "documents" the new PST was over 10GB. I thought since I hadn't added the original POP account that may be why the incorrect data for contacts and calendar was incorrect. I tried to add it, but it wouldn't find the settings, and I would have to go reboot into the old system to get the manual settings. Before I started that, I checked the PST files again, and the imported one was up to 13GB. What am I doing wrong? I am quickly using up space in the drive.
is there anything new in the pst on the SSD? If not, delete it.

If the old drive is visible from the SSD boot, you can access the files without rebooting. Rather than export, find the pst files - if you created the old profile in Outlook 2010, pst files are in My Documents, Outlook Files. Copy them to the SSD then either create a new profile or edit the profile in Control panel, Mail to add the old pst and set one as default.
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