September 2020 - No Default Email Client message after Office Update

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Wayland Bruns

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We create Outlook to Android/IPhone sync products and have about 80k active Outlook users. So we hear about auto-update problems pretty quick.

In the past week we have had an unusual number of customers reporting the error: "Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request."

We have pinned this down to the following:
  • Microsoft 365 Outlook 16.0.13127.20402 and 16.0.13127.20408
  • 64-bit only - does not affect 32-bit outlook
  • Error triggers on MAPI 64 login by an add-on app (we are add-on developers)
  • Normal fix - set default email client does not work
  • Normal repair - does not work
  • Online repair - works
  • Adding the file: vcruntime140_1.dll to C:\windows\system32 works
Reddit thread on this:
Open questions:
  1. What the heck is 20402? That just happens to be the one we fixed today.
  2. Is this fixed in the current release 20508
If this is still an open problem with 20508 then we will create a patch install to automatically update the DLL file. An installable patch is easier for end-users to handle rather than a direct update to windows system32 folder.

Note: "No default email client" has been a common MAPI issue for nearly 20 years. The normal fix is the following:
  • Windows->Start->Default Apps
  • fIrst option "Email" - Set this value
The problem above is because sites have had this working for years, and suddenly see the message after a Windows update, and also the normal fix to set the default email does not work in this case.
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