April 2020 Office 365 Update - Add-Ons fail after Office 365 Update

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Diane and Friends,

Here at CompanionLink we support about 80k Outlook users with our Android and iPhone Sync product.

Starting April 22, we found some people reporting that our Outlook Add-On was not working. First we thought it was Windows Insiders (Slow) but we have since found it is a portion of people who are getting Version 2003, 2005, and 2006 of Office 365 (Insider Fast, Insider Slow, and Monthly). The culprit is a dependency error with MAPI - which is one of the oldest API's in Outlook.

We have issued a simple fix for this. You can download it here:

We have verification this fixes not only CompanionLink products, but QuickBooks Outlook sync, and also some Microsoft Add-ins as well. The fix is just a new environment "path" so it is otherwise harmless.


Wayland Bruns, CTO
BTW - >> Office 365 Version 2003 - 12624.20520 (Click to Run) - Current Release. << is not pushed out as an automatic update, but if you check for updates, you'll get it.
Anyone with a problem and run our simple program and then reboot. That will patch around it. We have verification this fixes addons from Other vendors as well. Technical details in the article above.

The strange thing is that this appears not to be limited to a single Outlook release, nor does it affect all people with the same release. It seems very spotty who is failing and who is not. That may be related to the Windows 10 update that also came out a week ago; and how the two releases have interlocking dependencies.

What our utility does is check your Outlook version, bitness, and then place a "path" environment var to point to a particular directory. This seems to give the right dependency to the MAPI Initialize call that is failing.
From Microsoft: The fix should be in the Monthly Channel Targeted (Insider Slow) - version 12730.20236. Monthly Channel should get the Insider Slow build in the next few days. It's not in Insider fast yet.

It's not related to the Windows update AFAIK. It's just all of the different Office updates that are available.
Confirmed! Today my Outlook updated to Version 2004 (Build 12730.20236) which fixes the issue. One week from first appearance to Fix. That's pretty fast! Thanks.
We are still seeing the problem on Version 2006 (Build 12828.2000) - I think this is Insider Fast. This did not get an update today.
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