Accepted Zoom Invites deleting without going into Default Calendar - Office 2016 Mac

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This subject has been raised an answered on Microsoft Forums but the settings differ on Office 2016 for Mac so im stuck.
I have a number of exchange and IMAP accounts set up in Outlook with one of the Exchange accounts set as default. However many of the invites arrive on a Gmail account for which no calendar is configured.When I accept a Zoom Meeting invite as per design the invite is deleted but it does not go into the default account calendar. Instead it goes into the Calendar app in OSX. (Shown as On My Computer in Outlook 2016 Calendar)


Below are the settings for OSX Calendar App. If relevant the icloud account has the same email address as the default exchange account.

How can I force invites to go into the calendar attached to the default account and not the Calendar App?

Many thanks as always
This is happening in the Apple Mail app or in Outlook?

If Outlook, it looks like the gmail account is added as a Microsoft cloud account. Meetings to it should go into the cloud account - they are supposed to sync (back when they first added Microsoft cloud accounts.

One windows, I tell people to accept on their phone so it syncs via iCloud or a google sync utility.
Thank you Diane, This is in Outlook not Mac Mail and I don't have the gmail account configured on my phone. Im not sure what I can do to force invitations to go into the default calendar.

That said as Office for Mac is now no longer receiving updates I think I'll install Office 365 and reconfigure all the accounts again. Do you know if Office 365 and Office 2016 for Mac can coincide on the same system. My mac came with a lot of preinstalled software and I dont have the reinstall medium or key to reinstall if I ever cancelled my Office 365 subscription.
Kill the spammer. :) Thanks for reporting it - I missed it.
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