Disabling cancelled messages in meeting invites

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Exchange Server 2010
I'm working with a client who has a recurring series of meetings she sends out to people. She has a few of these that she has to set up throughout the year. These meetings recur several times a year and the people on the list to attend these recurring meetings change often.

Whenever she removes someone from any of these lists everyone on the list gets "cancellation" messages. She wants to know if there is a way to stop that?

Also, there is a particular person on the list that doesn't wants to receive updates on the meeting changes at all. Whenever she changes something on the recurring meeting people get updates and he doesn't want them. He just wants to get the original meeting that she schedules.

Is this something that is just "built-in" to Outlook that isn't able to be changed? Hopefully I explained well enough. Thanks for any help.
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