hiding appointments that are completed or cancelled, how to ?

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david ransin

Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account
Office 365 Exchange
For audit purposes, I don't want to lose appointments that are made but either cancelled or completed, yet I want to make them not display so they don't clutter my calendar; any ideas on if/how this can be done ? we are on OL '10 exchange 365 and I want to be able to access the 'archived' appointments in the future if necessary, and to have this effective for all our 8 users
thanks, david.
Diane, thanks for the quick response !
and, yes, 'filter' should have been obvious, but I did not think of that and have to do some homework to figure out how to apply it to our situation; we have been using a category for 'cancelled' or 'completed' with gray colors to contrast from the remaining 'live' appointments, but additionally making them filter out of the display makes better sense; and we add 'cancelled' to the beginning of the subject for definitive reference
We have been using Timematters in my law firm for 15 years and recently changed to Trialworks, but are having a ton of trouble with is and are relying on Outlook very heavily now so we are forced to learn all that we can about Outlook, and really like what I'm learning, very intuitive and efficient in many ways
I look forward to sharing ideas on this forum, and to putting together a long list of issues to consult you on, so thanks for your expert insight !
>> we have been using a category for 'cancelled' or 'completed' with gray colors
This makes it easy - you'll either need to use the SQL tab or Query builder tab (if it is present). On Advanced tab, add Categories doesn't contact completed and a second one for categories doesn't contact cancelled. Then switch to the SQL tab, check the box to edit and change the OR to AND.
This is the SQL:
("urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office#Keywords" <> 'Completed' AND "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office#Keywords" <> 'Cancelled')
this is exactly why I'll be adding this to my 'consultation list' for things to hire you to do for me !
the last thing I need to do is get 'under the hood' in my system and really mess it up !
I'm a lawyer who learned to code in '68 and I love to play with it, but I really need to spend my time practicing law, and finding experts like you to do things like this for me so I'm more efficient in my work !
all the best, thanks, david.
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