Expected behaviour of recurring appointments?

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Hi all,

I'm hoping someone can clarify how recurring appointments will work when external contacts are involved - using Office 2013 connected to Office 365

We create a recurring weekly calendar entry (for a conference call) which contains both a distribution list and explicitly listed external contacts. The DL contains a mixture of internal and external contacts.

When one of the external contacts 'leaves' we will delete them as a contact (and therefore remove them from the DL). However, they will still have the calendar invite in their diary.

If we then make a change to the recurring appointment, it seems that they still receive this change. I've not tested to see whether the change goes to them if they are a member of the DL, or only if they are 'explicitly listed' in the To or CC fields. But what is the understanding here? - should it 'resolve' the DL at the time of the change and just send the change to the people who members AT THAT TIME? Or will it send to the DL as it was when the appointment was originally created?

And what is the best option for removing this appointment from the external contact's calendar without all of the other contacts receiving an 'update' (as it's not changing anything that affects anyone else).

Thanks for any help

They should work exactly the same as with internal recipients.... but the DL adds a complication. When you remove a member for a DL, the appointment doesn't see that change - it only sees when you make changes to explicitly listed recipients.
Thanks for the reply.

Lets remove DLs from the equation for the moment

I agree that, if I went into an appointment and removed a contact (whether internal or external) it would send them a 'appointment deleted' message and remove the appointment from their calendar. However, in my situation I'm not editing the appointment - I'm just removing the contact. So if that 'contact' is an internal user, then I'm deleting their mailbox, including their calendar as well - so the question of how to delete the appointment doesn't arise. The question only arises when deleting an external contact from Exchange.

So to clarify ...

If I go into the appointment and remove an explicitly listed contact (internal or external) it will send an 'appointment deleted' message to the contact - that's fine.

If I delete an internal user from Exchange, their calendar gets deleted so by default the appointment is gone - that's also fine.

If I delete an external user from Exchange, that user still has the appointment item in their (offsite) calendar. How do I remove it? If they are explicitly listed in the appointment, will Exchange notice this and automatically send an 'appointment deleted' message? If not, what can I do to remove it from this ex-contact's calendar, preferably without generating extra 'appointment has changed' messages to all of the other invitees?
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