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I'm using Outlook 2013 and Outlook.com EAS to sync my calendars, contacts and tasks across platforms and onto my smartphone. The outlook.com account looks like I'm part of a Beta group as it has a very new look and in the main title for each section it has the word (Preview). I have two outlook.com accounts, one old and one they "converted". I set this connection up between my Outlook 2013 and Outlook.com about a week ago using instructions on this website. In case it matters, my phone is an iPhone running ios 9.2. My Windows OS is Win 7, Ultimate, 64bit, all maintenance applied to OS and Office.

The issue I'm having is that I use reoccurring monthly tasks, like pay a bill on the 27th, set to reoccur every 27th. I thought the issue originally had to do with my tasks being very old in 2013 and outlook.com couldn't understand them when I synced so I set them up all up as new tasks (deleted and added new tasks with a naming convention I could recognize as the new task.)

I set up a task, pay bill on the 27th with a reminder on the 27th at 10:00am. The task shows in Outlook 2013 and Outlook.com. I pay the bill on the 27th and place a check mark in the box beside the task in the To-Do view in Outlook 2013. The task is marked complete and a new task generates. The tasks in the To-Do view gets a strike through font, changes to greyed out and sits on the list for a period of time.

Here is where the issue starts, in Outlook.com it remains as overdue, says so right on screen. I check the task and it shows a start date of December 27, 2015 but the reminder date has shifted to January 28, 2016.

I thought I would wait a day or so to see if it was showing in Outlook.com until the original task cleared off my today to-do view in Outlook 2013. No luck, the completed task if off my to-do view in Outlook 2013.

How do I get Outlook.com to acknowledge / sync the task for Decemeber 27th was completed? If I look at the task details in Outlook.com it says "Status Not Started", "% complete 0" "Start Date 2015-12-27".
I've opened this issue on the Microsoft "Answer" forum. Did lots of testing today. No answers but I believe the problem is occurring between the syncing of Outlook and Outlook.com. If I mark complete on phone everything syncs as it should, including completeness, and task is regenerated in both Outlook's. If interested here is link.


If someone here has an answer or further testing suggestions I'm very interested.
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