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First post; spent a lot of time searching the forums and Google, etc--could not find a solution that works.

My problem:

I use Outlook 2007, with my gmail set for IMAP

I have designed a custom form for my tasks, which includes several User-defined fields

I create a task that recurs every weekday (e.g., "Walk with wife")

I click to complete the task and I get the "Could not complete the operation. One or more parameters are invalid." error message in the bottom right corner.

If I remove the recurrence, I can complete these tasks without a problem. This only happens with recurring tasks. I've tried all of the Microsoft recommended solutions short of reinstalling Outlook and reentering all of my information.

So, questions:

1) Is this because I use custom fields?

2) Is there a fix that doesn't require reinstall/reentry?

I'd like to keep the ability to enter recurring tasks, but I don't know if I'm willing to go through all that rigamarole for the few (5-10) recurring tasks that I have.

Thank you all!
1. It shouldn't be due to the custom fields, but I'll need to test it to be sure.

2. Reinstall of Outlook shouldn't be necessary but if we can figure out why its happening, you might need to redo the form or republish it.

Did you try deleting the forms cache and restarting outlook?
Can you forward me a task as an attachment so i can test it? My quickie tests worked as expected... try attaching it to a message using Insert, Item and send it to diane at slipstick
Can you forward me a task as an attachment so i can test it? My quickie tests worked as expected... try attaching it to a message using Insert, Item and send it to diane at slipstick

Hi Diane!

Thank you for the rapid response; I just tried clearing the forms cache and that didn't help. I'll send the task in a message in just a moment.
I got them - they work correctly here but i don't see the custom fields - that's not unusual and usually means nothing. I was hoping that forwarding it included the custom fields as Outlook can make it difficult to send custom forms.

What type of custom fields did you add - basic fields or formulas that got data from other fields?
Hi Diane!

They're basic fields that provide a combo-box with several pre-added options (though you can type your own in). No formulas. There is one that operates off of a "Yes/No" checkbox. Perhaps that's the issue? I've attached a picture of the tab with the added fields for the custom form. The "Big Rock" box uses the "yes/no" option.

Thanks! :)

Custom Fields.jpg
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