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Tracey Sandilands

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I've just begun using because Outlook on my Mac keeps crashing. It doesn't have a great archiving option on Mac and I get a LOT of emails, which I just don't have time to keep deleting and managing. So for a mailbox with around 12,000 emails across 10 email addresses (some imap, some pop, some gmail and some exchange) I'm looking for an app that can handle it without my having to log in to each email address in a different program. Outlook OWA seems to be promising.

However, here's my question: I can't find out where the archives are actually stored. Are they stored in and if so, how much storage space do I get (I have the Microsoft Office Home subscription for $10 per month). After searching I found posts that said I only have 5 GB, and that won't last for long. I also have 1 TB in OneDrive though, but don't know how to set it up to archive older emails there instead of in the OWA. I have a 1 TB Dropbox account too, so I have storage up the yin yang but can't find how to use either of those options to store my email archive folders without a manual transfer operation.

Can anyone help?

thanks in advance.

Diane Poremsky

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The mailbox is 5GB, 10GB if you pay for the no mail version. The mailboxes will grow slowly as you get close to the max - however, if new mail comes in too fast, some might bounce. (The slow growth is to prevent users from uploading mail solely for the purpose of using it as an archive.) The only archive option is rules is move mail into folders - there is no offline storage.

If Windows is an option, you could archive to a pst and delete from the server, although that's not much better - it makes room on the server but the archive can only be read by outlook.

Apple mail is also an option, but it has the same limitations of outlook for windows when it comes to using the archives.
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