Saving Emails and Attachments as .msg file

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I just need to clarify what information is saved, and where it's saved, when I drag and drop an email to a hard drive.

This action seems to create a .msg file with all the attachments as a single file; when I double click on the .msg file, it opens in Outlook and it looks like a normal email with the attachments either embedded in the text or shown as attachments at the top of the text. It matches exactly what the original email looked like when first received in Outlook. Double clicking on the attachments open them in their native program. This process works regardless of the type of attachment is eg - a Word doc, pdf file, even another email file etc.

This works great as I can keep an audit trail of all my communications and then re-use the email if needed.

I want to make sure that the email and it's attachments are being stored as a single 'blob' on the hard drive and that the intergity of the whole email will always be preserved ie - it's not relying on links to files stored elsewhere in the system. For example, it would be a disaster if my email was stored in c:\emails, but the attachments were actually in c:\attachments, because it would be possible to delete either the email, or the attachments, and then lose the relationship between them.

Can anyone confirm how it's saved?

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