1. R

    Saving Emails and Attachments as .msg file

    Hi I just need to clarify what information is saved, and where it's saved, when I drag and drop an email to a hard drive. This action seems to create a .msg file with all the attachments as a single file; when I double click on the .msg file, it opens in Outlook and it looks like a normal...
  2. P

    default font when sending email from browser

    I cannot find a place in File>>Options or elsewhere to set the default font that is used by Outlook when "Email a link to this page" toolbar selection is made in Firefox. Even though the fonts are set in File>>Options>>Mail>>Stationary and Fonts..., the email sent by Firefox are always set to...
  3. J

    Outlook 365 Emails showing as links and text only

    One day I noticed all my emails are in a text format and images only appear as hyperlinks, Unsure of how this happened, I've tried to do some research and I know the security setting for plain text is NOT enabled
  4. D

    Emailed form is blank

    My system Windows 10 Pro, latest updates. MS Office 2016. My design My design is to create a form, and have it installed on a remote (school) network so teachers can use it. A teacher (using Outlook) selects the form as a new email and fills it out. When they press 'send", it gets sent to my...
  5. A

    Record opened emails for reopening later

    I'd like to have a macro button on the ribbon that will export the Subject name and Received date/time of all opened Inbox email messages to a list (Excel or CSV), and a second macro button on the ribbon that will refer to that list and reopen those emails. If this is possible, please give me an...
  6. B

    Forward every other email in Outlook 2013

    Looking for some kind of script or code to run to forward every other incoming email that comes from a specific email address to a certain person. In other words, I get emails from, and every other email needs to be forwarded to Dave, and every other email needs to be forwarded to...
  7. Sabastian Samuel

    HOW DO I FORWARD AN EMAIL WITH MACRO using an email that in the body of another email

    I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT IF SOMEONE COULD HELP ME OUT. IVE BEEN TRYING TO UNDERSTAND MACRO LANGUAGE FOR AGES AND I CANT SEEM TO GET ANYWHERE! HERE IS WHAT I WANT TO DO. I hope this makes sense. ---- I want a macro to read every email that gets sent to my inbox. IF the subject line begins...
  8. I

    Outlook 2016 64bit - on receipt convert emails into PDF and save

    Hi, I could not find a VBA for this. Is there a way to convert received emails, as they are received, into PDF and save the PDF into a defined folder in the computer hard disk? This should work as a rule, only for selected emails (depending who is the sender). Any advice is welcome :-)
  9. cimbian

    Harvesting email addresses from mail folders

    Outlook 2016 desktop connected to Office 365 I have a structured folder system where one of my product brands has a folder and every customer (by company) has its own sub-folder. I'd like to select the product folder and have a method of searching through all sub-folders to harvest the email...
  10. Brian Murphy

    Exchange Online Everything a Transport Rule should do and cannot

    There is an actual question here or more like a challenge. There is what it can do and what I think it should do when we need to meet customer needs and the requests are too simple to merely ignore. Maybe I'm just missing something and need a second pair of eyes but I've looked at Rights...
  11. D

    Outlook macro with today's date in subject and paste clipboard in body

    Hi everyone, Very new to VBA. I write similar emails everyday to the same email address. I needed some help to automate it using VBA macros. Basically, I want: To: Subject: 'TEXT' & todays date & the sent email counter(if possible) Body: Clipboard item Send Can somebody please...
  12. nathandavies

    Email Details to Excel & Save as .MSG on one macro - combination of 2 macros

    Hi all, I have a macro at the minute which i have found and changed to suit my needs which saves an email in a file location on my server at work. I have just found another macro which inputs details from an email message into an excel spreadsheet. i was wondering if anyone would be able to help...
  13. N

    Export details to a excel spreadsheet using macros

    Hi All, I'm new here so please bare with me, I run multiple projects with multiple staff needing access to emails currently we just print the emails off and file them in a lever arch file. I'm wanting to create macro to export key details from an email to a project specific email register so...
  14. rino

    email campaign - tracking opened emails

    my company is planning to launch a series of email campaign internally. one requirement is to be able to track (and therefore log) that an email was opened. I have look at read receipts but the problem with it is some power users can disable and prevent sending back read receipts thereby...
  15. L

    Block email signature image

    Hello, is there a way to block an email signature that is an image or that has images? I'm using Office 365 Business Premium. Thank you.
  16. K

    Extract email address from body and auto-reply outlook

    Hi there, I am trying to extract an email address from the body of an email and auto-reply using a template. I have an online store (, and from time to time I receive messages from customers through a contact form. The message notification comes through shopify (The host...
  17. O

    Outlook 2016 follow-up flags--how can I add dates?

    In outlook 2003, I could not only flag e-mails for follow-up but assign follow-up dates. Now that I use outlook 2016, I can't seem to do this. Did Microsoft eliminate this useful feature? Or did it just make it impossible to find? Is there any way to get this feature back?
  18. L

    Create Custom Form

    I am attempting to create a custom audit form in Outlook that would allow me to check boxes corresponding to completed tasks and then email those results to specific people. I have the form created and I have a READ page and a COMPOSE page set up, but when I test this by sending it to myself...
  19. I

    Print Automatically Attachments

    Hi! I use Outlook 2013 64 bit standalone with Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. Up to now, when I receive pdf invoices in a certain email account, I need to open the email and print them manually. There is the usual Rules settings into Outlook 2013 that will print all the pdf files attached to...
  20. Diane Poremsky

    Save Selected Email Message as .msg File

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