1. L

    Getting Index from dropdown inserted on ribbon

    Hi all, On olkexplorer.officeUI (Outlook for Microsoft 365 MSO) I have manually added a dropdown with several items followed by several buttons. <mso:dropDown id="MydropDown" label="SOLV Tickets" enabled="true" getItemCount="Project1.DDItemCount"...
  2. M

    Shift Delete doesn't delete email from server

    I have a user with Windows 10, Office 2019, and Exchange 365. About 2-3 months ago she noticed her email no longer was in sync between Outlook and her iPhone. I have narrowed it down to this. If you hit del or choose del from the toolbar on an email in Outlook it deletes from Exchange and thus...
  3. W

    Outlook 365 I am getting the "Either there is no default mail client" error when I try to send an email on excel Office 365

    I am getting the "General Mail failure" error when I try to send an attachment e-mail through Excel. I installed another mail client and it works when I use the other mail client. I tried the following: - Ensured Outlook was set as the default mail client - Did a Quick Repair - Disabled...
  4. R

    Outlook Working off line

    Its complicated . . . I use outlook to access a POP3 account and 3 gmail accounts. It used to be an easy way of getting all mail in one inbox then Google Sulked and stopped POP access to Gmail. IMAP worked for a while (but its a pain because it has a separate inbox) but most mail comes via...
  5. M

    Understanding Outlook Identities

    Hi, I want to get my Outlook configuration and files into a good shape before upgrading to Office 2021 or 365. I have 2 hotmail accounts setup on Outlook 2011 and keep copies of email on the server for both accounts and sync changes between Outlook and the Servers. I have multiple folders under...
  6. M

    Accessing ALL Outlook contact fields

    I run Outlook (Office 365/ Microsoft 365) both in MacOS and Windows (virtualized), but mainly on the Mac. Available Contact fields differ somewhat between the two, but I assume that the data still is saved in the cloud. I have not been able to export contacts into a CSV file on the Mac side...
  7. ill13

    Prepend the user's computer name to the subject.

    When an internal employee who is using Outlook/Exchange sends an email to support, we'd like to prepend the computer name to the subject. Is this possible? If so, how might we go about implementing this?
  8. P

    default font when sending email from browser

    I cannot find a place in File>>Options or elsewhere to set the default font that is used by Outlook when "Email a link to this page" toolbar selection is made in Firefox. Even though the fonts are set in File>>Options>>Mail>>Stationary and Fonts..., the email sent by Firefox are always set to...
  9. T

    How to deal with Upcoming GMAIL changes

    I have my Desktop (Outlook 2019) Gmail account set up as POP3 for some reason, and NOT IMAP, so does anyone know if it will still work at the end of the month? The laptop GMAIL account using Outlook Pro 2013 DOES have it as IMAP, and I DO have 2FA active on my Google account, but I am unsure how...
  10. X

    Open Hyperlinks in an Outlook Email Message (Help with Diane's solution)

    I am trying to use Diane's solution but I am stuck. I am trying to use your "Open a specific hyperlink" code. Can you let me know if the only thing I need to change is the .Pattern = "View this thread <(.*)>" part of the code? For example if I want to only click a link with the words "Claim...
  11. S

    Outlook 2016 Understand and customize prepended behavior of recurring task

    I have an Outlook 2016 task that recurs every week. At the beginning of the week, I open the task and in the body type in the date, and then add some notes. For the rest of the week, I periodically open it up and type more notes. At the end of the week, I hit "Complete" and Outlook generates a...
  12. E

    Outlook VBA change GetDefaultFolder dynamically

    I am working on a private Outlook project where I can read all emails from a specific account, starting in a specific folder, looking only in a specific folder, from a specific date etc. Usually the default start folder is the InBox (in Dutch Postvak IN). To start there I would use the...
  13. B

    Outlook 365 Populate Outlook Task UDFs from a UDF text string

    I want to create VBA that will: iterate through the OneNoteURL UDF, replacing any occurrence of "%20" with a space execute on task creation, or for selected Outlook tasks I've created 3x UDF's that I've created as formula, from the "Field Chooser". These 3x fields are populated by parsing the...
  14. R

    Sent emails show iCloud mail account not the alias

    Not sure if you can help with this or not. I have an iCloud account which I have set up in Outlook. It works fine. I also have multiple iCloud alias for the account and I can send from these using Outlook without a problem. The problem occurs in the actual sent email ie - it shows my display...
  15. J

    How to import many msg into different public folders in Outlook

    I have a number of messages stored on an external drive in different directories. I would like to script to import say directory "ABC" into Public folder "ABC" in Outlook. Manual drag and drop would take forever. I am hoping someone has encountered this situation before and can share their...
  16. J

    how to stop junk emails from *.onmicrosoft.com ?

    I have Microsoft 365 on home personal PC, Windows 10 64 with Microsoft Outlook 365 for MSO 32 bit. A few weeks ago, I upgraded to family license to add another family person also Windows 10. Since then (not sure if this is related or not), I have been getting 5-10 or more spam emails every...
  17. J

    Read Outlook Form fields

    I'm only now realizing how in over my head I am with this project I'm working on, bear with me through any faux-pas or misunderstandings, my lexicon is rather new yet. The problem: I've got an Excel file loaded up with data as a scheduling tool for the agency I work for. Its purpose is to send...
  18. B

    Inconsistent handling of message read/unread status by Outlook

    Would appreciate any comments on the following situation. I'm using Microsoft 365 Business and Exchange Online. Let me know if I'm missing something here. I grant a user 'Reviewer' (i.e. read-only) permission to my Inbox folder. If they use their Outlook client to open a message in that folder...
  19. S

    Mac Outlook 365 Questions

    Hi I am using Outlook 365 and current Mailbox Size is at 90GB 1. Can i split the mailbox year wise and attach to outlook? The way we do with .pst in windows 2. If the above is not possible then how do i manage the Mailbox size? Please advice
  20. G

    Schedule recurring email and attachments display

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me. I'd like to set up a recurring email within Outlook. I've been told that you can't schedule an email to send but I've been given a code to convert a calendar invite into an email (as its a calendar invite I can schedule it to send when I want) The only...