1. glnz

    O365 - How to control whether my From name shows as "Dicky".

    I have "Microsoft 365" Home 64-bit (formerly "Office 365") on my Win 10 Pro 64-bit machine. I am setting up its Outlook now to connect to my three or four existing email accounts. All POP3 with "Leave a copy of message on the server". So far, so good. However ... For some reason, the shortcut...
  2. D

    hiding appointments that are completed or cancelled, how to ?

    For audit purposes, I don't want to lose appointments that are made but either cancelled or completed, yet I want to make them not display so they don't clutter my calendar; any ideas on if/how this can be done ? we are on OL '10 exchange 365 and I want to be able to access the 'archived'...
  3. O

    Can I single-space the folder list?

    Outlook 2016 shows the folder list double- or triple-spaced, which greatly reduces the amount of info on the screen at once. Can this be changed to single-space?
  4. B

    Calendar shows too much info by default

    I just want to see Time and Subject on the calendar! The calendar (I mostly use Month view) shows Time, Subject, Location, and Attendees (or maybe just Organizer?) by default. And it rapidly gets cluttered. All those fields use the same font (changing some to a different font would help a bit)...
  5. K

    Display sub-folders in body of outlook

    I would like it if I click on a folder in the nav plain to have the sub-folders displayed in the right side (main body) of Outlook like Windows Explorer.