O365 - How to control whether my From name shows as "Dicky".

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I have "Microsoft 365" Home 64-bit (formerly "Office 365") on my Win 10 Pro 64-bit machine. I am setting up its Outlook now to connect to my three or four existing email accounts. All POP3 with "Leave a copy of message on the server". So far, so good. However ...

For some reason, the shortcut name for one of my email accounts is similar to "Dicky" and this seems to be the name that is shown when I send from that account. I would prefer it to show only the full email address, like "RNixon@KeyBiscayne.com". (All names here are fake.)

How can I control this?

Go to File > Account Settings > Account Settings to open the Account Settings dialog. Double click on the account - the Your name field is what people see as the display name when you send mail. Account name is what you see if the From field when you are composing and also in the name column in the Account Setting dialog.

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